The best leadership biographies

Reading biographies of great leaders is essential for those who want to unlock their leadership potential and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader. Through these success stories, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of leaders, and apply those lessons to your own personal and professional life.

Here are the 10 best books on the biographies of the most enigmatic leaders of all time.

We capture the essence of the first and most important three books in a more complete review:

Winston Churchill_f
Winston Churchill
Richard Toye. En esta biografía Toye nos muestra cómo Churchill fue capaz de superar una serie de desafíos y obstáculos en su camino durante el éxito político, y cómo su liderazgo inspiró a toda una nación en uno de los momentos más oscuros de su historia.
Steve Jobs_f
Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson. No solo trata sobre la vida de Jobs, sino que también profundiza en la innovación, el diseño y la visión de futuro. Es una invitación a seguir tu propia pasión, a perseguir tus sueños con determinación ya trabajar para hacer realidad tus metas.
Elon Musk_f
Elon Musk
Ashlee Vance. Es una fascinante exploración del hombre detrás de las empresas que han cambiado el mundo, y una reflexión sobre lo que significa ser un visionario empresarial con pasión, determinación y visión en la era moderna.

Below we share with you the other…

Mahatma Gandhi: Autobiography ‧ Mahatma Gandhi.

In this masterpiece of history, Mahatma Gandhi, an iconic leader and pacifist, reveals his journey of self-discovery and struggle for justice and freedom. With sincere and direct language, Gandhi invites you to accompany him on his journey from humble beginnings to becoming the architect of the nonviolent resistance movement.

You will experience how Gandhi, through introspection and wisdom, develops the concept of “Satyagraha” or the power of truth, which would become the pillar of his struggle against oppression and colonial injustice.

In this autobiography, you will not only learn about the extraordinary life of this leader, but you will also be immersed in a masterful lesson on leadership, perseverance and compassion. Gandhi shares his ideals and beliefs, opening a window into his brilliant mind and passionate heart for humanity.

As you read this story, you will be inspired to discover how determination and nonviolence can move mountains and transform the world. Each page will confront you with the transformative power of peaceful resistance and encourage you to seek the truth within yourself.

“Mahatma Gandhi: Autobiography” is essential reading for all those who yearn for meaningful change in their lives and society. Through the experiences and reflections of this great leader, you will discover how embracing truth and compassion can lead to a more just and equitable future.

I have a dream: Martin Luther King Jr. The unauthorized biography ‧ Nóstica Editorial.

In this captivating biography, Nóstica Editorial presents you with the true essence of Martin Luther King Jr. beyond the headlines and conventional narratives. Through thorough and revealing research, you will meet the man behind the myth, with his personal struggles and courageous leadership in the fight for equality and racial justice.

From his beginnings as a Baptist pastor in Montgomery, Alabama, to his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C., you will witness the journey of a man who dared to dream big and challenge the status quo. With emotive language and an immersive narrative, this biography will immerse you in the inspiring words and actions of Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout the book, you will be immersed in the turbulent and transformative era of the civil rights struggle in the United States. You will experience how Martin Luther King Jr. embraced the philosophy of nonviolent resistance and led peaceful protests that shook the foundations of racial discrimination and segregation.

“I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. The Unauthorized Biography” is more than just a historical narrative; it is a call to reflection and action. Through the legacy of this tireless leader, you will be inspired to become an agent of change in your own community.

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Biography ‧ by Walter Isaacson.

Walter Isaacson, a master storyteller, will guide you through the intricate details of Da Vinci’s life, from his childhood in picturesque Vinci to his splendorous time in Florence and Milan, and his lasting legacy in the royal courts of Europe.

This account not only highlights Leonardo’s artistic prowess, but also reveals his talents as a scientist, inventor and visionary thinker. His inquisitive mind ranged from human anatomy to the engineering of flying machines, and his sketches and annotations reveal a mind ahead of his time.

In “Leonardo Da Vinci: The Biography,” Isaacson unravels the mysteries behind some of art’s most famous masterpieces and weaves a narrative rich with intimate and revealing details about Da Vinci’s personal and professional life.

Throughout these captivating pages, you will be inspired by Da Vinci’s insatiable desire to learn and explore. His tireless dedication and ability to see the world from a unique perspective will encourage you to look beyond the obvious and embrace your own creative curiosity.

This biography is an invitation to immerse yourself in the mind of a Renaissance genius and to contemplate the world through the eyes of a visionary. You will discover how Leonardo Da Vinci’s works continue to amaze and enrich our lives today.

By the end of this literary journey, you will not only have met one of the greatest geniuses of all time, but you will also have been prompted to embrace your own creative potential and follow in the footsteps of a man whose legacy lives on in art, science and imagination.


Leonardo Da Vinci. The biography.

Walter Isaacson │ Discussion

The long road to freedom ‧ Nelson Mandela.

In this powerful autobiography, the iconic South African leader shares his amazing odyssey from a rural childhood to become the world’s symbol of the struggle against oppression and injustice.

Through his words, you will witness Mandela’s unwavering determination to achieve equality and freedom for his people. From his participation in the peaceful resistance to his unjust imprisonment for 27 years, this account will immerse you in the strength and courage of a man who never gave up his principles.

Mandela not only recounts the dark moments of his imprisonment, but also shares his journey to forgiveness and reconciliation. His message of unity and tolerance resonates on every page, leaving a timeless lesson about the ability of human beings to overcome adversity and find the path to peace.

Throughout the book, you will delve into the challenges and triumphs of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, and how Mandela’s perseverance and vision led his nation to freedom and democracy.

This autobiography is a window into the humanity of an exceptional leader whose humility and compassion enabled him to transform hatred into love and turn oppression into hope.

At the conclusion of this epic read, you will not only learn about Nelson Mandela as a leader and fighter for justice, but you will also be inspired to face your own challenges with courage and determination.

“The Long Road to Freedom” is a powerful testimony that, even in the darkest of times, the power of the human spirit can light the way to a more just and compassionate world. Dive into the essence of humanity and discover how one man can change the course of history and leave an indelible legacy in the heart of mankind.


The long road to freedom.

Nelson Mandela │ Debolsillo

Napoleon: a life ‧ Andrew Roberts.

In this fascinating biography, renowned historian Andrew Roberts invites you to explore the life and legacy of one of history’s most charismatic and ambitious leaders.

From his childhood on the island of Corsica to his meteoric rise as Emperor of France, this captivating narrative will take you through the key moments that defined Napoleon’s life. In a gripping style, Roberts will immerse you in the daring military campaigns that led Napoleon to dominate much of Europe and forge an unprecedented empire.

But this biography not only examines Napoleon’s military genius; it also reveals his complex personality and innermost motivations. Through Roberts’ meticulous research, you will learn about the man behind the myth, his successes and his failures, his triumphs and his personal challenges.

Roberts explores how Napoleon faced political and strategic dilemmas, how he ruled with a firm hand, and how his influence endures in modern history. This biography offers a comprehensive and in-depth look at the figure of Napoleon, capturing his genius, his ambition, and his enduring legacy.

“Napoleon: A Life” is an epic journey through history, a masterful portrait of one of the most iconic and complex leaders of all time. By immersing yourself in Napoleon’s life, you will be inspired by his ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and his indomitable spirit of conquest.

This biography will allow you to know Napoleon from all his facets, both his brilliant achievements and his controversial decisions. Through its pages, you will discover how one man can leave an indelible mark on the course of history and how his legacy continues to inspire and fascinate the world today.


Napoleon. One life.

Andrew Roberts │ Ediciones Palabra

Marie Curie Pasta ‧ Adela Muñoz Páez

In this captivating novel, you will be transported into the life of Marie Curie, an extraordinary woman whose passion for knowledge and research changed the course of science forever.

Adela Muñoz Páez will immerse you in the personal and professional life of Marie Curie, from her childhood in Poland to her outstanding academic career in Paris. Through evocative language and an exciting narrative, you will discover how Marie faced the challenges and prejudices of her time to make her way in the male-dominated world of science.

In “Marie Curie,” you will not only learn about her extraordinary achievements in the field of physics and chemistry, but also about her tireless dedication to research and her perseverance in difficult times. This novel will invite you to get to know Marie Curie’s unwavering spirit and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Through its pages, you will witness how Marie discovers the radium element and develops the basis of radiotherapy, a milestone in the history of medicine. Her legacy lives on in modern science and her example continues to inspire women and men around the world to follow in her footsteps in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

“Marie Curie” is a window into the brilliant mind of a revolutionary scientist and an inspiration for those who dream big and wish to transcend the limits of the known. By the end of this captivating novel, you will be motivated to pursue your own passions and not give up in the face of adversity in pursuit of your boldest dreams.


Marie Curie.

Adela Muñoz Páez │ Debate

Never stop: Autobiography of Nike founder ‧ Phil Knight.

In this autobiography, the visionary entrepreneur shares his incredible journey from starting a small footwear company to becoming one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Phil Knight invites you to learn about the challenges and opportunities he faced while building the Nike empire. With direct and sincere language, he recounts the moments of uncertainty, failures and triumphs that shaped his path to success.

In “Never Stop,” you’ll discover the passion and perseverance behind the Nike brand, how key partnerships were forged and how innovation and creativity led the company to the top of the sports industry.

Throughout the pages, you will delve into the mind of a fearless leader and learn valuable lessons about leadership, decision making and building a unique company culture.

This autobiography is an inspiring testimony of how determination and vision can transform an idea into a global brand. Phil Knight’s story will show you how to turn adversity into opportunity and how to maintain a burning passion to achieve goals beyond imagination.

By the end of reading “Never Stop: Autobiography of the Founder of Nike,” you will be inspired to pursue your own aspirations and never stop in the pursuit of your biggest dreams. You will discover that, even on the most challenging path, perseverance and passion are the key to overcoming obstacles and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

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