The best leadership books

Filling your bookshelf with a leadership book is one of the smartest decisions you can make today to drive your own evolution. However, it is likely that you often wonder: What books to read to be a good leader? Acquiring a good book is not a quick and easy task, you have to explore a few reviews until you find one that captures the essence of what may be the ideal book for you. In this article you will find the recommendations of what for me and for the construction of Be Líder are the best and most captivating leadership books.

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3️⃣ They will inspire you to challenge limits and lead boldly in difficult times.

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I read them as I sought to grow personally and professionally. I was surprised by how much they transformed and improved my life, until I felt compelled to share it with others and build this leadership project. Now, let me ask you, do you think they can do anything for you? I’m sure it is. On the other hand, I also tell you that there are other books with a content of equal or greater value, I make it clear, some are much more elaborate books from the psycho-emotional point of view, and others are what could be called, disruptive. This was much more captivating and enriching for me.

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How to win friends and influence people ‧ Dale Carnegie.

It is the definitive guide to mastering human relationships and mastering the secrets of empathy, persuasion and effective communication. This timeless classic will empower you to succeed in any walk of life. This book provides you with proven techniques to increase your charisma and power of influence, guaranteeing a life full of success, solid friendships and outstanding achievements.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

114,000 ratings

“Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Over the years, I’ve read thousands of books, but this remains one of my favorites for its timeless focus on key human skills.”
Warrent Buffet, one of the richest men in the world

2. Principles ‧ Ray Dalio.

With a mastery in his captivating writing, Dalio unfolds a compendium of strategic wisdom and essential guidance for decision making. Through a methodical exploration, he reveals how adherence to sound principles can guide us toward transformative business management and meaningful personal evolution. The work is an intellectual compass that guides readers towards irreversible growth.

Rating on Amazon

4.8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

18,000 ratings

“‘Principles’ is a profound and thoughtful work that reveals the mindset and methods behind Ray Dalio’s success. His focus on transparency, constant learning and authentic reflection offers valuable guidance for any leader seeking growth and excellence. This book is a window into the mind of one of the world’s most successful investors, and offers valuable lessons for all.”
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

3. Emotional intelligence ‧ Daniel Goleman

Through an intellectually insightful prism, Goleman explains the symphony of human emotions, distilling their relevance to all domains of life, including of course leadership. Through deep and insightful analysis, the author highlights how understanding and managing our emotions forges the basis for fruitful relationships and transcendental self-discovery. This great work instigates a redefinition of intelligence and a reassessment of the importance of emotional self-reflection in the very fabric of human existence.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

12,000 ratings

“Daniel Goleman has written a book that sheds light on an essential dimension of human success. ‘Emotional Intelligence’ shows us how our emotions influence our behavior, relationships and decision making. This work is a call to recognize and cultivate our emotional skills to lead a fuller, more satisfying life.”
Dalai Lama

4. The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership ‧ John C. Maxwell.

It challenges you to achieve new capacity for influence and guidance and to master the fundamentals of leadership. You will learn how to inspire, motivate and lead with confidence, based on lessons learned from iconic leaders. This book will equip you with essential tools to make sound decisions, foster collaboration and cultivate powerful relationships. In short, it helps you transform your vision into action.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

8,000 ratings

“In ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,’ John Maxwell offers practical, in-depth guidance for becoming a more effective leader. These laws are timeless and applicable in any environment. Maxwell uses compelling examples and real anecdotes to illustrate each law, making this book an essential tool for those looking to improve their leadership skills and make a lasting impact.”
Tony Robbins, the world’s most influential author and motivational speaker.

5. Start with Why ‧ Simon Sinek.

Through penetrating examples and in-depth analysis, Sinek demonstrates how connection to genuine purpose can radically transform the way we operate. This masterpiece illuminates how “why” is the engine that not only shapes culture, but also triggers innovation and lasting success. This literary masterpiece illustrates how a focus on authentic purpose can transform the way we live, work and lead.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

34,000 ratings

“Simon Sinek provides clear and powerful guidance in ‘Start with Why’ on how to create a culture of success through connection to a deeper purpose. His focus on the ‘why’ and its impact on decision making and motivation is critical for any leader looking to achieve significant change in their organization and in their life.”
Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence”.

6. The 48 laws of power ‧ Robert Greene.

This masterfully constructed book reveals the hidden strategies that have forged empires and leaders throughout history. Each law, masterfully presented, weaves a tapestry of knowledge about the art of influence and domination. From the management of ambiguity to cunning manipulation, this essential compendium illuminates the shadows of power dynamics. It is an essential guide for those seeking to understand and use power effectively.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

66,000 ratings

“In ‘The 48 Laws of Power,’ Robert Greene lays out a dark but realistic view of power and influence in society. His laws and observations are a reminder of how human dynamics work in leadership and negotiation situations. While some of these laws may be controversial, the book offers a unique perspective on the nature of power in the modern world.”
Malcolm Gladwell, author of “Outliers” and “Blink”.

7. From zero to one ‧ Peter Thiel.

This literary masterpiece is a compass for entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries who seek to transcend the ordinary and challenge the status quo. Through captivating prose and with insightful examples and penetrating analysis, he reveals how the creation of unexplored value is at the heart of any significant breakthrough. He is a beacon of inspiration, guiding readers through the process of turning bold ideas into powerful realities.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

34,000 ratings

“In ‘From Zero to One,’ Peter Thiel offers bold and provocative ideas on how to create innovations that transform entire industries. His focus on building businesses that are unique and monopolistic challenges traditional conventions and offers insightful guidance for entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful difference in the world. This book is essential reading for those looking to build a brighter future.”
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

8. The seven habits of highly effective people ‧ Stephen R. Covey.

It is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. With an impressive depth of thought, Covey weaves a tapestry of timeless principles that guide toward a fulfilling and successful life. Through moving stories and insightful analysis, he demonstrates how integrity, empathy and self-discipline are the foundations of genuine effectiveness. This work is for those who seek success through authenticity and excellence in a complex world.

Rating on Amazon

4.8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

12,000 ratings

“Stephen Covey illuminates the routes to effectiveness and greatness in ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ His focus on self-reflection, proactivity, and continuous improvement provides valuable guidance for those seeking a path to success and fulfillment. This book is an inspiring and practical resource for achieving personal and professional excellence.”
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner

9. Dare to lead ‧ Brené Brown

It unravels the subtleties of leadership in a contemporary context. With an educated approach, the book embraces courage as its foundation, merging experience with introspection. Through penetrating analysis, he reveals how courage and authenticity drive organizational transcendence. The book exemplifies how emotional resilience, empathy and strategic vision converge to illuminate the path to enlightened leadership. Each page invites you to challenge the status quo, extolling the role of the leader as a bold pioneer in the art of leadership.

Rating on Amazon

4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

19,000 ratings

“In ‘Dare to Lead,’ Brené Brown challenges us to be courageous and authentic leaders in an increasingly complex world. Her focus on vulnerability and empathy as essential leadership strengths resonates deeply. This book is an inspiring guide that empowers leaders to embrace their humanity and create more inclusive and effective work environments.”
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

10. Good to great ‧ Jim Collins

With engaging prose, Collins unravels the mysteries behind the rise of companies from good to great. Through captivating examples and insightful analysis, he reveals how the combination of leadership, discipline and focus can catapult an organization to lasting greatness. This book is an essential roadmap for those seeking to transcend mediocrity and achieve the status of innovative leaders.

Rating on Amazon

4.8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

8,000 ratings

“In ‘Good to Great,’ Jim Collins presents a deep and compelling analysis of what differentiates successful companies from exceptional ones. His findings on the importance of leadership, organizational culture, and data-driven decision making are critical for anyone aspiring to make a lasting impact in the business world. This book is an essential guide for those seeking to take their organizations to higher levels of performance.”
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Bonus. Atomic Habits ‧ James Clear.

#1 The New York Times.

Although it is not a leadership book per se, I must include it here because it is a masterful compendium of applied behavioral psychology. James Clear, master of personal transformation, distills the essence of willpower and self-discipline into an atomic approach, revealing how the synergy of tiny changes leads to monumental triumphs. This treatise inspires to cultivate patterns of behavior that embody greatness. Embracing the science of people’s habit formation, this book illuminates the path to self-realization. In short, it changed my life.

Rating on Amazon

4.8 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

113,000 ratings

“Atomic Habits taught me about the importance of small habits, consistency, time management, self-discipline, good planning and preparation. All valuable lessons needed to achieve my goals.”
Eliud Kipchoge, world champion runner, Olympic gold medalist and marathon world record holder

The leadership books every leader must read in 2024

When it comes to leadership, there is no magic formula that guarantees success, but there are some leadership books that stand out for being written with an impressive depth of thought. If you’re looking to buy a leadership book, we share with you our reviews of the best-no-best leadership books you should read. Check them out! You’ll see that they are indeed worth it. 👇

Como ser un líder
Daniel Goleman. La investigación en el campo de la neurociencia social (el estudio de lo que ocurre en el cerebro mientras las personas interactúan) está empezando a revelar sutiles certezas sobre lo que se requiere para ser un buen líder.
Cómo ganar amigos e influir sobre las personas
Dale Carnegie. En comparación con lo que podemos ser, sólo empleamos una pequeña parte de nuestro potencial para influir en la gente. Poseemos cualidades que no usamos. Este libro ayuda a descubrir y a aprovechar esos poderes latentes.
Las 21 leyes irrefutables del liderazgo
John C. Maxwell. Es una declaración definitiva de las leyes debes seguir si desea ser un gran líder. Se basa en principios y tiene instrucciones precisas y bien definidas que de haberlas leído hace años, estarías en un lugar totalmente diferente en la vida.
El líder que no tenía cargo
Robin Sharma. El éxito y el liderazgo te pertenecen por derecho. No importa el lugar que ocupes en el organigrama o cuáles sean tus circunstancias personales, este libro te enseña a apoderarte de tu fuerza extraordinaria.
Cómo ganarse a la gente
John C. Maxwell. ¿Cuál es la característica personal más necesaria para alcanzar el éxito en los puestos de liderazgo? El don de gente. No importa que quieras hacer, si puedes ganarte a la gente y llegar a su corazón, ¡puedes ganar en todo!
Crea y diviga
Jeff Bezos. El creador de Amazon nos revela los principios fundamentales que lo han guiado en la creación de la compañía más grande del mundo. Nos permite adentrarnos en su mente revolucionaria para descubrir la clave de la innovación y las ideas.
Dar y recibir
Adam Grant. La investigación fascinante y el estilo atractivo de Grant han creado no solo una validación sólida del principio de la generosidad para tener éxito, sino también sabiduría práctica y técnicas para utilizarlo de manera más efectiva.
Los 7 hábitos de la gente altamente efectiva
Stephen R. Covey. La ética del carácter se basa en la idea fundamental de que hay principios que gobiernan la efectividad humana, leyes que son tan reales, tan constantes y que están tan allí para quien quiera aprenderlas.
100 maneras de motivar a los demás
Steve Chandler. El liderazgo se vuelve más fácil cuando existe una guía definitiva, inspiradora y fácil con métodos para motivar, utilizando una mentalidad orientada al servicio que deja atrás el antiguo paradigma de manipulación y persuasión.
El maestro de las emociones
Augusto Cury. La psiquiatría aprende de la historia de el gran maestro y nos enseña a que las adversidades, en lugar de abatirnos, expandan nuestra sabiduría, refinen nuestra arte de pensar y renueven nuestras fuerzas.
Empieza con el porqué
Simon Sinek. No hay mayor motivación que encontrar la verdadera razón del por qué hacemos lo que hacemos, allí encontramos inspiración y damos sentido a nuestros ideales para a la vez inspirar a otros a promover nuestras ideas.
Inteligencia emocional
Daniel Goleman. Constituye una guía para conocer todas las visiones científicas sobre las emociones, su significado y el modo de dotarnos de inteligencia emocional para tomar conciencia del dominio de nuestro sentimientos.
La esencia del liderazgo
Hugo Landolfi. Es un estudio en clave filosófica sobre los fundamentos imprescindibles para el ejercicio de un liderazgo genuino en cualquier ámbito relacional del ser humano. Intenta responder ¿qué es el liderazgo y cuál su naturaleza última?
La paradoja
James C. Hunter. Nos recuerda los principios universales que nos permiten colaborar con los demás. No hay autoridad sin respeto. El respeto no se funda en la imposición ni en el miedo, sino en la integridad, la sinceridad y la empatía con el prójimo.
Las 17 cualidades esenciales de un jugador de equipo
John C. Maxwell. Para mejorar a un equipo, mejora a las personas que lo integran, comenzando por sí mismo. Este libro nos enseña a ser adaptables para trabajar bien con otros, porque el trabajo en equipo y la rigidez personal sencillamente no se mezclan.
Las 48 leyes del poder
Robert Greene. Si el mundo es como una corte intrigante y manipuladora en la cual nos hallamos todos atrapados, no tiene sentido alguno tratar de eludir el juego. En lugar de luchar con lo inevitable, es mucho mejor destacarse en el juego del poder.
Inteligencia social
Daniel Goleman. El descubrimiento más importante de la neurociencia es que nuestro sistema neuronal está programado para conectar con los demás, ya que nos torna sociables, al establecer un vínculo intercerebral con los demás.
Líder de 360 grados
John C. Maxwell. No tienes porqué estar limitado a las circunstancias o a una posición. No tienes que ser el director ejecutivo de la empresa para causar impacto, puedes aprender a generar influencia en todas direcciones, con jefes, colegas y subordinados.
Brian Tracy. Aquí se describen algunas de las cualidades, atributos y conductas de los líderes más eficaces del presente y del pasado para puedas emularlas y las conviertas en tu realidad. Que alguien haya triunfado, es la prueba de que otro puede hacerlo.
Liderazgo: el poder de la inteligencia emocional
Daniel Goleman. Recoge consejos prácticos para «mandar con el corazón» y habla de las consecuencias de no hacerlo (diferencia entre el liderazgo con y sin inteligencia emocional). La IE es la competencia que mejor predice qué individuo será mejor líder.
Líderes: estrategias para un liderazgo eficaz
Warren Bennis. El líder transformador, que es justamente de lo que se trata este libro, se vuelve un ser humano con carácter, compromete a la gente a la acción, convierte a los seguidores en líderes y es capaz de convertir a estos en agentes de cambios.
Los líderes comen al final
Simon Sinek. Los elementos de la conducta humana demuestran que existen razones por las que una organización prospera durante un tiempo, para luego fracasar: los líderes no crean un entorno en el que las personas sean realmente importantes.
¿Eres imprescindible?
Seth Godin. El eje es un individuo que puede meterse en el caos y crear orden, alguien capaz de inventar, conectar, crear y hacer que pasen cosas. Toda institución exitosa tiene gente imprescindible, líderes que marcan diferencias como estas.
21 cualidades indispensables de un líder
John C. Maxwell. ¿Sabes si tienes lo que se necesita para convertirte en un gran líder, el tipo de líder que atrae a la gente y hace que las cosas ocurran? Este libro te ayuda a reconocer, desarrollar y refinar las características que te harán un líder influyente.
Los líderes mueren (los movimientos no)
Jaime Lokier. Si quieres crear un movimiento que deje un legado, querrás convertirte en alguien que entiende y aplica esta filosofía de liderazgo. Si tú eres el tipo de persona que quiere dejar una huella en el mundo, este es el libro que necesitas.
Las 17 leyes incuestionables del trabajo en equipo
John C. Maxwell. De alguna manera, cada día formas parte de algún equipo. La pregunta no es: ¿Participarás en algo que involucre a otros? La pregunta es: ¿Te involucrarás con otros para tener éxito? La respuesta podrás encontrarla en este libro.
Seth Godin. Una tribu es cualquier grupo de personas, conectadas unas a otras, a un líder y a una idea. Ahora que internet ha eliminado las barreras geográficas, los blogs y las redes están ayudando a que se reproduzcan. ¿Quién va a liderar esas tribus?

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The most important and recognized authors in the field of leadership are

It also explores the exciting universe of leadership with these incomparable authors. His unique works transcend borders and set an unparalleled standard in the formation of exceptional leaders.

John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell
Ícono del liderazgo global, ha labrado una carrera de renombre internacional. Sus obras, reconocidas por su profundidad y claridad, han inspirado y guiado a líderes en todo el mundo, consolidando su legado como un maestro indiscutible en la disciplina del liderazgo.
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Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman
Autor y psicólogo visionario, ha revolucionado nuestra comprensión de la inteligencia emocional. Su obra influyente y su experiencia en liderazgo transforman vidas y organizaciones en todo el mundo.
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Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma
Renombrado escritor y orador motivacional, se ha erigido como una figura icónica en el mundo del liderazgo y el desarrollo personal. Sus libros han impactado a millones, ofreciendo sabiduría que trasciende generaciones, empoderando a individuos en su búsqueda de excelencia y plenitud.
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Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie
Pionero en el arte de las relaciones humanas y el liderazgo efectivo, dejó un legado perdurable. Su obra seminal "Cómo Ganar Amigos e Influir Sobre las Personas" continúa transformando vidas, equipando a generaciones con habilidades interpersonales cruciales para el éxito personal y profesional.
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Before proceeding

How to choose a leadership book?

Identify your leadership needs.

Before selecting a leadership book, you should identify your leadership needs and objectives. For example, if you need to improve your interpersonal relationships you should look for a book that focuses on that area.

2. Consider your learning style

Everyone has a different learning style, and it is important to choose a book that fits your style. If you prefer to learn through practical examples, you should look for a book that has many case studies and concrete examples.

3. Research the author

Research the author of the leadership book you are considering. Make sure the author has experience in leadership and business management. Look for reviews and comments about the book and the author.

4. Seek recommendations

Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends or mentors who have read leadership books. They may have recommendations based on their personal experience and may suggest books that have helped them in similar situations.

5. Consider your level of experience

Make sure the book fits your level of leadership experience and knowledge. If you are new to leadership, you may want to look for a book that has a more basic and fundamental approach.

6. Compare and select

Finally, compare different leadership books based on the above criteria and select the one that best suits your needs and objectives.

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Recommendations of the best leadership books in other categories

Leadership biographies

Reading biographies of great leaders is essential for those who want to unlock their leadership potential and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader. Through these success stories, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of great leaders, and apply those lessons to your own personal and professional life. Here are the best inspirational biographies.

Winston Churchill_f
Winston Churchill
Richard Toye. En esta biografía Toye nos muestra cómo Churchill fue capaz de superar una serie de desafíos y obstáculos en su camino durante el éxito político, y cómo su liderazgo inspiró a toda una nación en uno de los momentos más oscuros de su historia.
Steve Jobs_f
Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson. No solo trata sobre la vida de Jobs, sino que también profundiza en la innovación, el diseño y la visión de futuro. Es una invitación a seguir tu propia pasión, a perseguir tus sueños con determinación ya trabajar para hacer realidad tus metas.
Elon Musk_f
Elon Musk
Ashlee Vance. Es una fascinante exploración del hombre detrás de las empresas que han cambiado el mundo, y una reflexión sobre lo que significa ser un visionario empresarial con pasión, determinación y visión en la era moderna.

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Business leadership books

Business leadership books can help you identify and overcome common challenges and develop critical skills to lead and motivate your teams. It is an effective way to improve your leadership and change management skills, as well as provide a source of inspiration to build a clear vision and a solid strategy for your organization. Here are the 3 best books on business leadership.

Ray Dalio. Un enfoque único para la toma de decisiones, el liderazgo y la gestión de equipos. Dalio, a través de estas lecciones, anima a los lectores a abrazar la incertidumbre y la adversidad como oportunidades para el crecimiento personal y profesional.
Brian Tracy. Lleno de consejos y estrategias para mejorar tus habilidades gerenciales y liderar equipos efectivamente. Tracy ofrece una amplia gama de herramientas y técnicas para ayudar a mejorar en temas como la delegación, la motivación y la resolución de conflictos.
Cómo motivar y comprometer a los empleados_f
Cómo motivar y comprometer a los empleados
Patrick Lencioni. A través de una combinación de teoría y casos de estudio, Lencioniaborda los factores clave que influyen en la motivación y el compromiso, como la claridad de la misión, la confianza, el reconocimiento y el trabajo en equipo.

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Books on leadership and assertive communication

The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively is critical to leading teams and achieving business objectives. For this reason we recommend these assertive communication books, which offer practical techniques to improve your communication skills. They will help you understand how to communicate effectively, improve your persuasive skills, enhance your ability to manage conflict and improve your interpersonal relationships in the business environment.

La Comunicacion No Verbal_f
La comunicación no verbal
Flora Davis. En la actualidad, la comunicación no verbal se ha convertido en un aspecto crucial en cualquier situación de interacción humana. Davis proporciona herramientas para mejorar la comprensión de la comunicación no verbal para ser líderes más efectivos.
El camino fácil y rápido para hablar eficazmente_f
El camino fácil y rápido para hablar eficazmente
Dale Carnegie. A través de anécdotas y ejemplos, Carnegie ofrece consejos prácticos para hablar en público, persuadir a otros, y mejorar la comunicación interpersonal. Se centra en técnicas de persuasión y principios básicos de la comunicación humana.
El ABC del Storytelling_f
El ABC del Storytelling
Daniel Colombo. ¿Cuánto valor hay en la habilidad de narrar historias? En lugar de simplemente compartir información, Colombo enseña cómo utilizar las historias para conectar con la audiencia y transmitir mensajes de manera más efectiva.

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Women’s leadership books

At a time when gender equity and diversity are increasingly relevant issues in society, female leadership has become one of the most important issues in the world of work, giving rise to concepts such as the famous leadership in heels . Thus, leadership books written by women, for women and for anyone interested in the subject, offer an inspiring and valuable insight into the unique leadership experiences, perspectives and approaches of the most successful women. Here are the three most outstanding books on women’s leadership.

Vayamos adelante_f
Vayamos adelante
Sheryl Sandberg. En el mundo empresarial actual, el liderazgo femenino y el empoderamiento de las mujeres son temas de gran relevancia. Sheryl presenta una obra inspiradora y llena de consejos prácticos para las mujeres que buscan liderar con éxito en el mundo laboral.
Mi historia_f
Mi historia
Michelle Obama. A través de su escritura, Michelle logra transmitir sus emociones, pensamientos y experiencias de una manera que resuena con los lectores, y que los lleva a conectarse emocionalmente con su historia y su mensaje de liderazgo femenino y empoderamiento.
No hay vuelta atrás_f
No hay vuelta atrás
Melinda Gates. A través de su enfoque valiente y apasionado, Melinda destaca la importancia de liderar con empatía, compasión y una visión inclusiva, y cómo esto puede tener un impacto positivo en la sociedad y en la promoción del cambio social.

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Leadership and personal motivation books

The noble task of leading a team always brings with it moments of difficulty in which inspiration and motivation will be needed to get back on track to achieve goals. These books have won over readers of all ages and experience levels and will provide you with practical advice, innovative insights and effective tools to successfully lead and motivate yourself and others. Whether you lead a team at work, run your own business or are looking to improve your leadership skills in any area of your life, these books offer valuable lessons and will help you reach your full potential.

El lado positivo del fracaso_f
El lado positivo del fracaso
John C. Maxwell. En el mundo del liderazgo, enfrentar el fracaso es inevitable. Pero, ¿cómo podemos enfrentar el fracaso de manera constructiva y convertirlo en una oportunidad de crecimiento y aprendizaje? Maxwell ofrece una perspectiva única y valiosa.
Lecciones de liderazgo creativo_f
Lecciones de liderazgo creativo
Robert Iger. Iger comparte su enfoque de la toma de riesgos, destacando la importancia de aprender de los fracasos y utilizarlos como oportunidades de aprendizaje. Esta perspectiva es relevante, ya que implica la necesidad de experimentar, aprender y adaptarse.
A veces se gana a veces se aprende_f
Lecciones de liderazgo creativo
John C. Maxwell. El fracaso no es algo a evitar o temer, sino algo que puede ser utilizado como una herramienta para el crecimiento y la mejora. Maxwell comparte su experiencia para cambiar nuestra mentalidad y cómo aprovechar el fracaso como una plataforma para la innovación y el éxito.

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Leadership and teamwork books

The ability to lead and work in teams is essential in any successful organization. The following are the three best leadership and teamwork books that will help you build more effective relationships and motivate your team to achieve ambitious goals. In addition, they will teach you how to identify and overcome team dysfunctions, as well as how to create a positive and productive work culture. You will discover that the key to leading and working successfully in teams is to understand and apply the fundamental principles of successful team leadership and effective collaboration.

El código de la cultura_f
El código de la cultura
Daniel Coyle. ¿Qué hace que una organización tenga éxito? ¿Es solo una cuestión de tener la estrategia adecuada y los recursos necesarios? En realidad, no es tan simple. Daniel Coyle nos muestra que el éxito de una organización se debe en gran medida a la cultura que ha construido.
El ABC del trabajo en equipo_f
El ABC del trabajo en equipo
John C. Maxwell. El trabajo en equipo es esencial para alcanzar el éxito. Sin embargo, trabajar en equipo no es una tarea fácil y requiere de habilidades específicas de liderazgo y gestión. Maxwell,aborda este tema en una guía práctica y accesible.
Las cinco disfunciones de un equipo_f
Las cinco disfunciones de un equipo
Patrick Lencioni. A través de una historia fascinante, Lencioni presenta las disfunciones que pueden impedir el éxito de un equipo y ofrece soluciones prácticas para superarlas. El enfoque en la historia humana hace que las lecciones sean más memorables.

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Leadership and entrepreneurship books

Leadership and entrepreneurship are two inseparable themes in the business world. Today’s leaders must have solid business skills and knowledge to lead their organizations to success. Reading is an effective way to broaden one’s perspective and understanding of the business world and is a way to be better prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing business environment. We recommend the three best books on leadership and entrepreneurship.

De cero a uno_f
De cero a uno
Peter Thiel. El mundo actual está lleno de empresas que buscan innovar y destacar en un mercado cada vez más competitivo. En ese sentido, "De cero a uno" se convierte en una herramienta valiosa para líderes empresariales que desean emprender un camino de éxito y diferenciación.
Steve Jobs-Lecciones de liderazgo_f
Steve Jobs. Lecciones de liderazgo
Walter Isaacson. Isaacson describe la vida personal y profesional de Steve Jobs, y analiza los rasgos de su personalidad que le permitieron liderar y revolucionar la industria de la tecnología.
La estrategia del océano azul_f
La estrategia del océano azul
W. Chan Kim. Tradicionalmente, las empresas han competido en los mismos espacios del mercado, lo que resulta en una lucha constante por su diferenciación. Sin embargo, se pueden superar estas limitaciones y crear un espacio en el que la empresa puede prosperar.

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Leadership and personal development books

Through pages full of inspiration and knowledge, these books guide you toward personal transformation and excellence in leadership. From fundamental principles of influence and motivation to strategies for personal and professional growth, this collection immerses you in a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Here are the best leadership and personal development books available. We highly recommend them.

Hábitos atómicos
James Clear. Aprender a descomponer hábitos en sus componentes más básicos nos permite la construcción gradual de patrones nuevos y beneficiosos. Esta metodología nos brinda una estructura sólida para superar la resistencia al cambio y construir un camino hacia el progreso.
El club de las 5 de la mañana
Robin Sharma. En un mundo que exige constante conexión y productividad, este libro nos recuerda la importancia de cultivar una relación íntima con el tiempo y de abrazar la quietud como un camino hacia la excelencia.
El sutil arte de que te importe un carajo
Mark Manson. A través de una combinación de humor irreverente y sabiduría sincera, el autor nos reta a cuestionar nuestras creencias arraigadas y a reconsiderar lo que realmente merece nuestra preocupación.

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What are the best leadership books for teenagers and young adults?

In the quest to become agents of change, young people and adolescents find in literature an inexhaustible source of inspiration and knowledge. The best leadership books aimed at this audience represent shining beacons on the road to personal growth and excellence. These works transcend the printed pages to impart valuable lessons about vision, responsibility, teamwork and ethical decision-making. They offer a deeper understanding of themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. Here are the best leadership books for teenagers and young adults.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens ‧ Sean Covey.

It is a vital roadmap for young people seeking success in the digital world. This inspirational book provides the tools necessary for self-discipline, effective communication and sound decision making. Through moving stories and practical exercises, it empowers teens to define their goals, balance their online and offline lives, and build strong relationships. Get ready to unlock your potential, lead with confidence and chart a bright path in this new digital landscape. Your success starts here.

Make your bed ‧ Wiliam H McRaven

It is a book written by Admiral William H. McRaven, who is a prominent military officer and author. In this book, McRaven shares leadership and life lessons he learned during his Navy SEAL training and military career. The title refers to the first task of the day, which is making the bed, and how this small act can have a positive impact on discipline and the mindset to face bigger challenges. McRaven explores ten fundamental lessons, based on his experiences on the battlefield and in everyday life, that can help us overcome obstacles and achieve success. It is a motivational book that emphasizes the importance of perseverance, responsibility and resilience.

The 6 most important decisions in your life ‧ Sean Covey

Sean Covey reminds us that every day we are weaving the tapestry of our own story. These crucial decisions are the threads with which we build the future we desire. Will we be responsible? Will we prioritize what is essential? Will we dare to act? Will we learn to work as a team? Will we communicate with passion? Will we leave a legacy? These decisions not only shape our lives, but also influence the lives of those around us. This book is a powerful reminder that every choice counts and that the power to build an extraordinary future is in our hands.

Leader at 12 ‧ Francisco Navarro Gavilán

It is a work that awakens the inner leader in young people, guiding them towards a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Written with passion and wisdom, this book presents concrete strategies and inspiring advice that help teens develop leadership skills, set clear goals, forge strong relationships, and embrace constant learning. Through inspiring stories and practical exercises, Navarro shows how youth can become courageous and successful leaders. This handbook illuminates the path to personal growth and positive impact, equipping teens with the tools they need to achieve their dreams and make the world a better place.


Leader at 12. A success manual for teenagers.

Francisco Navarro Gavilán │ Grijalbo

Leadership for young people ‧ Jesús Alberto Vázquez Botello

The “Youth Leadership Guide” by Jesús Alberto Vázquez Botello is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for those young people who wish to embrace leadership with passion and purpose. This guide is comprised of four essential pillars that culminate in the development of complete and conscious leaders. From understanding the basic principles of leadership to forging strong character, building practical skills and the ability to work in teams, each section is designed to equip young people with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead authentically and effectively.

Leadership for Young People 1: Basic Philosophy of Leadership

Leadership for Youth 2: Create your training ground

Leadership for Youth 3: Building the Character of a Leader

Youth Leadership 4: Principles for Teamwork

What are the best books on leadership in sports?

In the exciting field of sports leadership, we find a number of books that not only unlock the secrets of success in sports, but also shed light on how these lessons can be applied in everyday life. These works offer a unique perspective on leadership, demonstrating that the qualities cultivated in the sports world have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives. Whether you are looking for inspiration to lead a sports team, improve your performance at work or simply find the motivation to face the challenges of everyday life, these books offer wisdom, motivation and unique insight into the transformative power of sports leadership in our lives.

Leadership ‧ Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary soccer manager, offers a fascinating glimpse into his success. Ferguson shares valuable lessons on leadership, from managing egos to making decisions under pressure. His focus on teamwork, discipline and adaptability stands out. Through captivating stories, he reveals his wisdom accumulated over decades of experience. This book is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and practical advice that you can apply in both your professional and personal life. A must read for aspiring leaders and lovers of lasting success.



Alex Ferguson │ Rocaeditorial

Quiet leadership ‧ Carlo Ancelotti.

Through his calm approach and keen emotional intelligence, Ancelotti unravels the secrets behind his unwavering success. This book is a motivational manifesto and an intellectual testimony on how to lead in the midst of complexity. He advocates understanding, adaptation and strategic vision, demonstrating that transcendental leadership goes beyond mere authority. His experiences in the world of soccer are intertwined with philosophical reflections, creating a work that inspires and challenges you to reach new heights in your own leadership journey.

Eleven rings ‧ Phil Jackson.

The book “Eleven Rings” takes us into the world of basketball and the mind of one of the most successful coaches in history. Jackson shares his experiences as a leader in sports, revealing wisdom that goes beyond the courts. His focus on spirituality, teamwork and adaptation make him an inspiring figure. It is a motivational journey that explores the connection between leadership, Eastern philosophy and the winning mentality. Jackson demonstrates that success is not just about victories, but about personal and collective growth.

Overcome or learn ‧ John Kavanagh.

It is an inspiring odyssey in the world of sports and leadership. Kavanagh, the famed mixed martial arts trainer, shares his insight on how to meet challenges and succeed. Beyond combat techniques, this book offers profound lessons on personal and professional growth. He advocates the mentality of learning from defeats and turning them into victories. It is a play that challenges you to redefine your limits and embrace failure as a springboard to success. For those seeking to lead their lives with courage and resilience, this book is a beacon of wisdom and motivation.

Legacy ‧ James Kerr

In James Kerr’s Legacy, you will be transported into the heart of New Zealand rugby and the powerful leadership lessons that have shaped an enduring legacy. This book offers a dose of motivation and wisdom that transcends sports. Kerr distills fundamental principles, such as humility, discipline and team mentality, through inspirational stories of the All Blacks. It addresses issues such as the culture of excellence and resilience in the face of adversity. It defies complacency and celebrates the constant pursuit of greatness. The lessons in “Legacy” are applicable to any walk of life, offering insightful guidance on how to forge a legacy that lasts. If you aspire to lead with integrity, passion and purpose, this book is a must-read.

The 11 powers of the leader ‧ Jorge Valdano

It is a journey into the mind of an exceptional leader. Through enriching anecdotes and profound reflections, Valdano explores themes such as passion, empathy and strategic vision. It demonstrates that leadership goes beyond tactics and strategies; it is about inspiring and empowering others. It is a work that challenges and motivates leaders in search of excellence. If you want to lead with authority and authenticity, this book provides you with a clear roadmap to develop the necessary powers that will lead you to success.


What are the most influential leadership books of all time?

Throughout history, many books on leadership have been published that have left a significant mark on generations and are considered the most influential of all time. Here is the top of the most outstanding leadership books of all time and how they have affected the business world.

The Prince Machiavelli.

First published in 1532, Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is one of the most outstanding leadership books of all time. In this book, Machiavelli presents his views on leadership and politics, and argues that the end justifies the means. The book is criticized by many, but is also praised for its honesty and realism.


“‘The Prince’ is a gripping work that explores the very nature of leadership and politics. Niccolo Machiavelli passionately highlights the importance of cunning and adaptation in the pursuit of power.”

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian and Author


“Niccolo Machiavelli offers us a gripping insight into the dynamics of power and political strategies.”

Naomi Klein

Journalist and Activist

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a leadership book written by Stephen Covey, published in 1989. Covey presents 7 habits that can help people be more effective in their personal and professional lives. The book has been very prominent in the business and management world, and has sold millions of copies worldwide.


“No one lives forever, but books and ideas live on. Stephen R. Covey’s life has come to an end, but his work has not. It continues to be present in this leadership book and as alive as when it was written.”

Jim Collins

Author and motivator


“Fortunately, this book has been our advisor and encouragement for 25 years. I propose that we be loyal and continue to support it for another 25 years.”

Maya Angelou

Writer and poet

How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is another very prominent leadership book written by Dale Carnegie and published in 1936. In this book, Carnegie presents techniques for improving interpersonal relationships and communication. The book has been very popular and has been translated into many languages.


“This Carnegie classic remains relevant in today’s world. ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ demonstrates that the key to success lies not only in strategy, but in the ability to connect with people on a personal level.”

Richard Branson

Founder of Virgin Group


“In ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ Dale Carnegie presents timeless principles for building strong, authentic relationships.”

Melinda Gates

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

The Art of War Sun Tzu.

“The Art of War” is a Chinese book written by Sun Tzu in the 5th century BC. Although it was not written specifically as a leadership book, it has been widely used as a guide for military strategy and business management. The book presents principles and strategies that can be applied in leadership and management situations.


“Sun Tzu passionately highlights how deep understanding and adaptability are critical to leading successfully. This book is a reminder of how critical thinking can guide intelligent leadership.”

Angela Davis

Philosopher and Activist


“‘The Art of War’ is a gripping work that invites us to consider how tactics and strategy can be applied to multiple contexts.”

Slavoj Žižek

Cultural Critic

Leadership James MacGregor Burns

“Leadership” is a leadership book written by James MacGregor Burns and published in 1978. In this book, Burns presents a theory of leadership based on the relationship between leader and follower. The book has been very prominent in leadership theory and has been cited by many other authors.


“Burns passionately highlights how activist leaders can inspire people to raise their voices and advocate for justice. This book is an eloquent testament to how leadership can spark global movements.”

Greta Thunberg

Climate Activist


“This book is a powerful reminder of how leadership can unite communities in the pursuit of meaningful change.”

Tarana Burke

Founder of the #MeToo Movement

The Leader of the Future Peter Drucker

“The Leader of the Future” is a leadership book written by Peter Drucker and published in 1996. In this book, Drucker presents the skills and characteristics that will be necessary for the leaders of the future. The book has been very prominent in business management and has been cited by many business leaders.


“It is an engrossing work that offers an insightful look at how leadership must evolve to meet changing challenges.”

John Maxwell

Author and Motivational Speaker


“Peter Drucker passionately highlights how leadership must be an act of constant development and empowerment. This leadership book is a powerful reminder of how leaders can become talent multipliers and make a lasting impact.”

Liz Wiseman


What are the top 10 best-selling leadership books on Amazon?

In the exciting world of Spanish-language leadership books, leadership best sellers rank high on Amazon’s bestseller lists. These current leadership books have won over countless readers seeking practical advice and wisdom on how to lead successfully. Within this exclusive group, we present the top 10 leadership books that are setting the standard. These titles offer valuable insight into leadership, providing tips and strategies that will help you become a more effective leader.

The power of now Eckhart Tolle

Although this book does not focus specifically on leadership, it is a very popular personal development book that is recommended by many leaders and entrepreneurs.

The seven habits of highly effective people Stephen Covey

This book is a classic in the world of leadership and has been very popular since its publication in 1989. This book has been discussed on many occasions.

Leadership in turbulent times Doris Kearns Goodwin

This book focuses on leaders who have faced historic crises and how they handled those situations.


Leadership: In Turbulent Times.

Doris Kearns Goodwin │ New York Times Bestseller

Leadership in turbulent times

Dare to Lead Brené Brown

This book focuses on leadership based on vulnerability and authenticity.


Dare to lead. Brerave work. Tough conversations. Whole hearts.

Brené Brown │ New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Dare to lead

Atomic Habits James Clear

This book focuses on how small habits can have a big impact on leadership success and effectiveness. I can’t get enough of this book.

The 5 AM Club Robin Sharma

This book focuses on the importance of morning routines for productivity and leadership.

The leader who had no position Robin Sharma

This book focuses on how anyone can be a leader, regardless of their job title or position.

Start with why. Simon Sinek

This book focuses on the importance of having a clear purpose and vision as a leader.

Mindset Carol Dweck

This book focuses on how our mindset and attitude can affect our success and leadership.

The monk who sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma

This book is another personal development book that is very popular in the world of leadership and productivity.

These are just a few of the best-selling leadership books on Amazon, but there are many other popular titles available. If you are looking for a leadership book to read, check out some reviews to find one that fits your interests and needs. The leader’s path is not an easy one, but any of these books will accompany you on the journey.

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